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Frontenac Accounting is committed to helping leaders and organizations attain authentic success through a thorough and detailed coaching process. Take a look below to learn more about what their program entails.

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Are you or one of your staff seeking to learn to use computerized accounting software? Frontenac Accounting Services understands the importance of having an accounting system that is set up and operating correctly and efficiently.  Our team can help you decide what accounting package is best for your business. We can assist with the installation of the program, train you to use it and provide ongoing support.
Frontenac Accounting Services has staff that is knowledgeable and certified in the Sage 50 desktop software application, as well as, the Sage One and QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop software applications. If these small business accounting software solutions don’t fit your needs, we are experienced in doing research to find accounting software for specific applications.

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Starting a business is a very exciting venture but there are many things to do and think about. Frontenac Accounting Services can walk you through all the aspects of starting your own business from deciding whether to incorporate or operate as a proprietorship through to obtaining financing. Below is a list of some of the tasks and considerations of starting your own business:

  • Decide whether to incorporate, operate as a proprietorship or partnership

  • Prepare a business plan

  • Determine how much financing will be needed

  • Obtain financing

  • Find a lawyer

  • Set up a Canada Revenue Agency business number

  • Open HST and payroll accounts with CRA

  • Set up bookkeeping

  • Obtain appropriate insurance coverage

  • Obtain a business license

  • Decide whether to take a salary or dividends if incorporated

Frontenac Accounting Services will help you perform all of the necessary tasks of starting a business so you focus on growing your business.

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Tax compliance with Canadian taxes is critical for any business. Knowing if and when you need to file returns and remittances with the various Government agencies can be overwhelming. Further, the information that is required with these payments needs to be correct or, you will just be creating more work for yourself and your accounting/bookkeeping professional.
Frontenac Accounting Services can help keep you on track with all your government reporting and remittance obligations.  Because we can ensure that you are meeting all levels of compliance, we will be able to assist you in presenting the appropriate backup information in the event of a review by one of the Government Agencies.

Working Together


Frontenac Accounting Services would like to help you achieve success by addressing typical challenges encountered not only in the first few years of business, but challenges you are facing through the COVID19 crisis as well.
The Survival Toolkit is divided into three parts. Ideally we would guide you through each phase in order, but we can skip around if we identify something urgent that needs addressing immediately.