• Ella Vanderburgt

Operational Efficiency for Small Business

Continuous Improvement Mindset

Applying the principles of operational efficiency allows you to detect and solve issues quickly in order to stay profitable and keep costs down.

Our coaches can show you how to optimize operations to boost profits, reduce costs, improve product quality, decrease delays, create an organized workplace and implement a clear workflow.

Operational Efficiency for Small Business will help you:

  • identify sources of waste and keep your costs down;

  • apply quick wins that can impact your bottom line;

  • spot and fix problems faster with a performance dashboard;

  • develop good habits to reap the long-term benefits of efficiency.

Here is our three-step coaching process for building a solid operational efficiency foundation:

1. Discover

We meet with you to understand your current business practices, challenges, issues and goals.

During this phase, we also:

  • introduce you to operational efficiency fundamentals and tools;

  • work with you to identify up to 3 quick wins;

  • build your action plan to achieve results right away.

2. Develop

We provide one-on-one coaching to help you:

  • implement the quick-win action plan and monitor your progress;

  • define KPI’s for monitoring the quick wins;

  • establish measurable objectives;

  • design an operational efficiency dashboard and learn how to us it;

  • establish management tactics to help your team meet objectives.

3. Deliver

During this phase, we:

  • review the efficiencies gained during the project;

  • provide a 6 to 12 month action plan with up to 5 efficiency opportunities;

  • support the continuous improvement mindset within your business;

  • present the final report and recommendations.

Book a FREE 1 Hour Consultation to discuss bringing Operational Efficiency to your business!

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